Helping our planet should

not be postponed for tomorrow

WOA Green World is a program created by World of America to promote the professional and personal lives of our employees, agents, and our families, by performing a daily activity with minimal negative impact on the environment.


During the past 7 years, WOA headquarters has been implementing various "green programs." One of the most important, due to its large impact, has been going "paperless" which has helped save a ton of trees.


In conjunction with our agents around the world, we have become more conscientious of utilizing our resources effectively. Our efforts might seem small in achieving change, but it is a good opportunity to contribute in saving our planet.

Issuing policies and documents

before our Green Program

Average processing time=3 weeks

  • High Costs

  • Repetitive processes that do not add value to the product

  • Irrational use of resources such as paper and transportation

  • Untimely response to clients- Irresponsible pollution

Issuing policies and documents

after our Green Program

Average processing time= 8 Hours

  • Minimum costs

  • No repetitive processes

  • Adequate use of natural resources

  • No environmental pollution

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Light with 75% less energy 

Apart from replacing your incandescent light bulbs for uorescent ones that use 75% less energy, always turn o the lights in your house, garage and yard. By doing this, you won't only achieve a great impact in the environment, but in your pocket.


It is estimated that if only the people in the United States change one light bulb in their home the energy saved would be the equivalent to the consumption of three million homes per year and savings of $600 million dollars a year. 

Replace your tumble dryer

Reduce the use of your washer and dryer for when you have complete loads of clothes.


If it is possible, replace your tumble dryer for a drying area in your back yard with cables. Likewise, wash your clothes with cold water as detergents disinfect without using heat used for drying your clothes

Use digital documents 

According to studies carried out by the Environment Protection Agency of the United States, an employee discards daily, 1.5 lbs (680 grams) of paper.


The first step of awareness should be paper usage. A ton of recycled paper saves 4,100 kWh of energy, 7,000 gallons of water and 60 lbs of emissions to the air.


Try to Begin and maintain your communication processes digitally. Organize your les (not printed les) in digital folders and keep a copy for security. The result is the same one and you will have saved time and money. 

Use a "mouse" with cable 

Use the kind of mouses that are connected directly to your computer wich don’t require batteries.


Although it is known that the materials used to manufacture batteries are less contaminated than in previous decades, it is considered that the disintegration of these materials takes anywhere between 80 and 120 years.

Reusable shopping bags grocery

When you go shopping, take your own reusable bags (fabric or plastic). It is estimated that in the United States the number of plastic bags used is 30 thousand million and 10 thousand million paper bags per year in the supermarkets. Although they are made of recyclable materials, their production generates a powerful negative impact the environment.

The first step to recycle 

Separate your garbage by recyclable materials like plastic, paper and glass. The impact of garbage on the environment is catastrophic. Just to have an idea of how important recycling can be, think that the United States currently produces more than 222 million tons of garbage in one year. 

Change your heater

Change your tank heater for a water circulation heater. Remember that your tank heater has its resistors working day and night, although it is not used, the heater consumes a great amount of energy. If it is not possible to replace it now, a timer will help reduce it’s energy consumption. 

Tricks for the bathroom 

A regular toilet uses about 3.5 gallons (13 liters) of water in each discharge. By changing your toilet for one that consumes 1.6 gallons or less (6.2 liters), you obtain the same results and you don’t waste water. If you don’t have plans for changing your toilet, you can regulate the level of the water or you can place some bottles of water lled with sand inside your tank. 

Save and live fresher 

Decreases up to 40% using ceiling fans the consumption of energy of your air conditioner. Don’t forget to adjust the degrees of the air conditioning unit before leaving the house and change the lters according to the manufacturer instructions. 

Rell your ink cartridges

The process of industrial recycling of ink cartridges demands big energy levels. When you rell one, you avoid the repetition of this industrial process and, you save up to 60% of the annual ink cost.

Avoid unnecessary movement

Whenever possible, make telephone or Internet conferences with your clients and suppliers.


The popularity of programs like Skype ( are growing because they allow the usage of audio and visual conferences for free. Its operation is easier than most email software. At lunchtime, try to nd a restaurant located at walking distance from your oce instead of using the car.

Control your air conditioner

IInstall modern thermostats with features for programming the temperature according to the hour. The change is simple, these are aordable equipments and energy savings are surprising.


By adjusting your unit just one or two grades, with either, heating or air conditioning, the amount of money you would save on your bill can be between 2 and 3 percent. Moreover, increasing this procedure to 3 to 4 grades, the saving can be up to 10% depending on the saving ranges of your energy company.

Turn o your computer and printer

Do not leave your computer in hibernation mode. When you do this, your computer continues consuming unnecessary energy. 16% of the energy consumption in your oce is due to electronic devices, if you turn them o correctly before leaving, the savings will be very signicant. 

Change your light bulbs

Replace your old, incandescent light bulbs for compact ourescents lamps. The atmosphere of the oce will not only improve, but energy saving will be more than 20%. In a typical oce, the consumption for illumination constitutes about 30% of the total energy consumption.