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Teachers, students, and parents: We can offer you peace of mind
through, Health, Dental, Vision, Life, Travel, Disability,

Critical Illness, and Special coverage Insurance.


 — School Solutions —

We offer


which lets you compare your current coverage and benefits. All proposals are prepared by insurance experts in different areas.

World of America School Solutions

 — Professionalism —

If you do not work with us yet, our team of experts can analyze your school independently at no additional cost. We will create a comprehensive proposal based on the specific coverage needed for the group.

  • Strategic Planning and Financial Analysis
    Benefits Business Plan Develop a comprehensive understanding of your firm; identify excessive costs and exposures and long-range strategy for operation and cost control. Benchmarking Evaluate your program compared to companies/industries similar in size, industry, location, plan design, etc. Advance Renewal Projection Project renewal six months in advance of actual date. Establish budget requirements, discuss alternative plan designs, and determine marketing objectives. Alternative Funding Studies Review multiple alternatives to traditional full insurance, which balance the potential of lower costs against higher levels of risk. Utilization and Claims Analysis Study available carrier data to determine cost drivers (in terms of health conditions and employee behavior) and how to prevent them. Advice on local plan usage and international coordination of benefits in order to maximize coverage and lower cost. Contribution Strategy Analysis Explore options and optimize employee contributions, while keeping plan affordable and competitive for your industry.
  • Account Management
    Onboarding and deliverables Once the plan has been chosen our team will manage the onboarding procedure with every insured person, group administrators, HR Director and others in order to help understand how and where the plan works at all times. Dedicated Account Team Assign a team of specialists to serve your firm; you always work with senior professionals with proven industry experience and success. National Resources, Local Focus Access to insurance and administrative markets and a wealth of resources nationwide, combined with hands-on local service. Service Calendar Map out activities, due dates, and responsibilities for the entire year. Your firm knows what to expect—and we are accountable.
  • Employee Engagement
    Custom CommunicationsAssist with all phases of employee communications through print, email, web, live meetings and events. Health & Wellness Programs Initiatives that help employees utilize their benefits, improve their health, and reduce claims. Target specific conditions identified in claims and utilization studies.
  • Specialized Support Services
    International Benefits​ Benefit solutions for employees working on assignment outside their home countries and local nationals; ability to supplement national health programs.
  • Quality Assurance
    Formal Quality Process​ Take steps to ensure that your benefits program (1) aligns with your business goals; (2) stays current with the insurance market; and (3) achieves specific and measurable results.
  • Compensation
    Cost Advantage A comprehensive program with competitive pricing and total transparency. You always know what deliverables to expect and what they cost.


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 — Specialized portfolio for schools —

We have in our portfolio the best companies in the market.

This allows us, independently, to prepare the best advice

for American schools that operate abroad.

Our portfolio includes companies that

allows us to independently prepare adequate advice

to schools that operate abroad.

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