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We cannot postpone the help to our planet for tomorrow

WOA Green World is a program created by World of America to promote daily activities with the least negative impact on the environment within our employees, agents, and their families' daily and professional lives.


Over the past 10 years, WOA offices have implemented different "green programs". One of the most important, given its great impact, is the “paperless” program, helping to save tons of paper.


Currently, WOA and its agents around the world continue to work with full awareness of the effective use of resources. Perhaps, our effort is too small to bring change, but it is a good opportunity to do our bit to save the planet.

World Green Program


Policies and documents' issuance before our Green Program

Average process time = 



  • High costs

  • Repetitive processes that do not add value to the product

  • Irrational use of resources such as paper and transport

  • Very long customer response time

  • Irresponsible pollution generation

Policies and documents' issuance after our Green Program

Average process time = 



  • Significant cost reduction

  • Process efficiency

  • Adequate and clean resources

  • Response time greatly reduced

  • More effective customer service
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